Why You MUST Do THIS Today…

Literally… stop and smell the roses. Yes, it’s a must. I need you, no, YOU need you to do something for yourself today, right now even.
Because you know what? You will be a better you if you do.
You will be a better friend, mother, lover, employee, boss, client, coach,… whatever it is that you are and that you do, you will be better at it if you take time today and every day to do something, even just one thing like stopping and smelling the roses- I mean a deep belly breath inhale, for yourself!
*Click the video below to see why I HAD to stop and smell the roses*

Love You . . . First

Be honest right now.

Are you happy?

This has nothing to do with anyone else but you.

It’s not about whether you’re in a happy relationship or whether you’re having a good or a bad day.

Are you happy with yourself?

Do you like you?

Do you enjoy spending time with you?

Or are you easily bored when you’re alone?

Do you feel like you need the company of another in order to enjoy yourself?

Or maybe you like to torture yourself by sitting alone and steeping in misery.

In order for you to be in a happy, healthy, and loving relationship, you need to first be happy, healthy, and in love with yourself.

It’s said that people who get bored easily are boring. Same goes for love. If you don’t love you, why would he?

At the core of dating and attracting a great guy and having a happy, healthy, and fulfilled relationship with an amazing partner who supports, compliments, and loves you-is a love of yourself.

You need to know that you deserve the most incredible guy, who treats you well, respects who you are, and encourages you to continue to grow and be your best self.

But you will only attract that person if you truly do believe that you deserve it.

If you don’t feel that you are worthy, good enough, or deserving of such greatness because you yourself question if you truly are great, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone else who does. Why? Because you won’t let yourself.

You will only allow yourself to be loved as much as you love yourself.

…And the first step is doing something for you, every single day, that is just for you. Something that nurtures your spirit, and sends love down your spine.

Love… from the inside out.

xx Laurel