Sushi, Sake, and Second Dates? Yes, Sushi is Proven to Be the Best 1st Date

sushiDo you want to know the best type of 1st date that ups your chances of getting a 2nd date? Sushi and drinks. Yup, research shows that sushi and drinks is the best 1st date to secure a 2nd. Here’s why:

Particularly if you prequalify your date, dinner is the best first date option. Sushi, which is simultaneously casual, fun, and sophisticated, is the best dinner that ups your chances of a second date because…

1. Prequalifying builds a foundation. If a guy chooses to spend the money on a sushi date, it’s usually because he’s pretty sure it will be a good date. The best way to be pretty sure that it will be a good date is to prequalify before the date. In other words- have real, substantive conversation. This type of conversation eliminates people who are obviously not a fit and starts the process of building a solid foundation, and therefore a connection. The amount of prequalifying done before a date is often reflected in the amount of effort, time, and money that is put into the date itself.

2. Sushi is casual in terms of how it’s served and eaten. There’s less pressure than at an upscale Italian restaurant, despite the fact that sushi often costs more. The casual style allows for more relaxed energy, therefore allowing the waters to feel more comfortable to be themselves- and authenticity is sexy.

3. It’s fun! Sushi is often about sharing, which creates closeness. It also allows for conversation about food preferences and even sharing stories about past sushi experiences. Plus you have a little sake and “Kanpai!” the mood is instantly lighter.

4. It’s sophisticated and expensive. A woman wants to feel sexy, special, and like she is a priority. The innate upscale sophistication and higher price point of sushi makes her feel that way. When a woman feels sexy and special, she wants more of that feeling. Even if there isn’t the initial spark of chemistry, she is attracted to you by how you make her feel as well as the conversation-based deeper connection that you share.

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