How to Be Powerfully Feminine and Get What You Want In Love

Stop listening. Stop watching. Start doing. Start changing.

It’s your turn.
Are you confused when it comes to dating- online, in person, and texting?
Are you ready to finally change your ways?
Are you ready to stop repeating old habits?
Are you ready to feel beautiful, powerful, and get your needs met in love and life?

Do you want to getaway, detox, reset, and recharge?
Do you want to be inspired, empowered, and pampered?

Because you deserve it and you’re worth it.

Join me for a getaway that will change your ways, your mind, and your life.

Three Day Rule. Laurel House. Miraval

Yes, you can be both feminine and strong.
You can do it yourself. You don’t need him. You’re right. But you want him. And you crave being touched.

I will help you enliven your Power Feminine.
I will help you realize how interesting you are, in order to make him more interested, more quickly!
I will help you define who you are, and learn how to voice it to him.
I will help you reframe needs vs wants, as you realize that what you think you want may actually be leading you to unhappiness. But what you need, will give you exactly what you want.

Then I will help you to speak your needs in a feminine way- assertive, focused, and direct, but sweet, loving, and authentic. Get ready to:
-Love You… First
-Excavate old Toxic Issues that are Keeping You Stuck
-Be Interesting and Interested
-Stop Looking For What You Want and Get What You Need
-Love On-Purpose
-Embody the Traits Men Find MOST Alluring in a Woman
-Enliven Your Power Feminine: Body Language, Verbal Communication, & Appearance
-Be Magnetic, Radiant, and Attract Abundance

Get ready to drop your protective walls, explore what lies behind the facade, and expose your vulnerable and feminine side as we dig deep into your core, within an all-female environment of safety and trust. We will have group, partner, and individual coaching, as well as introspective activities done privately.
This is going to be intense. But it will also be fun!

Specifically, I will help you to:
-Define yourself: your core values, energetic intentions, personal mission statement, needs, and also understand what needs you are willing and able to fulfill for your relationship partner.

-Understand what you truly need in your relationships, how to communicate them and get them met in a feminine way that is direct, assertive, non-apologetic, loving, and authentic.

-Be confident in your powerful femininity and understand how and when to activate it within your love life, friendships, and business.


Quotes about Laurel’s Dating Coaching

“Every time I talk to Laurel, I feel like a queen!” –Jayme 23

“I was recently able to go on an AMAZING weekend retreat with Laurel. The weekend was truly “Laurel” in style – fun, practical, intense and relaxing. I laughed a lot, tried new activities, nourished my soul and worked hard. Laurel pushed me to step out of my “safe” box where I wasn’t really living and encourage me to start living the bigger dreams I had. This weekend allowed me to begin doing the deep, intensive personal work that I needed to do and regain the perspective I needed to so that I could truly see “myself.” I have now taken the work that I began with Laurel and continued it at home. Go on a weekend retreat with Laurel! It will be an amazing experience and will change your life. Laurel is incredible and she has impacted and changed my life!” –Sara 36

“When I first met Laurel I was really struggling in the areas of self-esteem and self-confidence, which affected all areas of my life, but especially my relationships and my dating life. Laurel has challenged me to move forward and I have had incredible breakthroughs because of this. I am now confident in who I am and what I want out of a relationship because of the coaching I have had with Laurel. Laurel is not just a dating and relationship expert; she has also helped me in the area of my career and my fitness and diet.” –Laura 34

“Laurel continues to help me find my true feminine self through learning feminine communication, clearly and directly voicing my needs, and allowing myself to be confidently vulnerable. My transition has been life changing. I never knew how powerful, calm and amazing being my true authentic feminine self could be.”
–Nancy 52

“After being divorced for six years, I went on countless dates and searched for Mr. Right but ended up finding too many Mr. Wrongs. I had left a 17-year emotionally abusive marriage. I could not move forward with a long-term relationship that I longed to have in my life. I decided the patterns in my life needed to change. I began working with Laurel and life as I knew it changed. Laurel taught me how to tap into my inner feminine power and take back my life. Through Laurel, I learned to express what I wanted in a relationship and peel back the protective shield I had built around my heart. My confidence soared. Now, I move forward in my life not only as a stronger woman, but a woman in touch with her femininity, better able to take control of what I will and will not accept in a relationship, knowing that I’m at the helm on the roller coaster of life. If you are tired of not seeing results in your life, you need to work with Laurel to reclaim your power!” -Cynthia 54

“Laurel House is the consummate ‘chick who gets it.’ In addition to her amazing feminine beauty and grace, Laurel was blessed with the ability (and weapon when need be) to think like a man. She GETS IT! Finally guys, we have a “man whisperer” to turn to!” -Kent, 47

“Laurel is AMAZING! Not only is she a dating coach with a wealth of knowledge on style, fitness and weight loss; she has been a coach to me in all aspects of my life – dating, relationships, career, personal growth and how to interact and communicate more effectively with everyone. Laurel has been the perfect addition to my life with such a huge, life-changing impact. I am a completely new person. She empowers me and has shown me the confidence and belief I have in myself that she always saw.”
–Stacy, 32

“Laurel House offers the best dating advice while empowering women. She doesn’t believe in playing games, but more about being your real, true self to find your ideal partner.” -Kim, 37

“I’ve always been girly in my appearance but I never knew how to flirt. It was a hit or miss, and had no idea where I went wrong, which leads to frustration and me feeling like I’m unlikeable. In a wing girl session, she looked at my current way of flirting and gave me honest advice as to how I’m showing up and how men are seeing me. She helped me get over some of my fears of flirting, helped me practice proper eye contact, body language, and conversational skills to help create an instant and engaging connection, plus proper exit strategies… Now I’m a lot more confident when I go out and have much greater results. Flirting is so much more fun now!! I’m grateful to have someone who knows her stuff to guide me.” -Stacie, 29