Sweats = The Death or Deepening of Your Relationship?

PJ Salvage sweater
sweater by PJ Salvage

Let’s be clear about something: when it comes to dating and relationships, “comfort” is very different from “not caring.” And that feeling is reflected in the effort (or lack thereof) that you put in. Comfort contributes to the deepening and strengthening of your relationship. Not caring will cause the end of your relationship.

Sexy, married mom Eva Mendes once tweeted her belief that sweats are the #1 cause of divorce, and while, yes, always wearing sweats can be indicative of a bigger relationship problem, sweats can in fact contribute to an even stronger relationship.

It’s all about the TYPE of sweats that you wear.

Again, Comfort is very different from Not Caring. Comfort is an essential in a relationship. And wearing comfy, even sexy or cute sweats can in fact be a major turn on. On the other hand, nasty, holey, not sexy, smelly sweats are, yes, an indicator that you no longer care, as is evident in the fact that you are unwilling to put in any effort. It can be one piece of a bigger picture- a picture that includes not shaving, not wearing makeup, not brushing your teeth, not caring about your body shape or health, not showering, and not putting in the effort to turn on (or at least not turn off) your partner. And then that turns into not wanting to have sex, which can create resentment, insecurity, even cheating.

The real relationship killer is your lack of effort.

Put some effort into your relationship! Just because you’re comfortably in love doesn’t mean you can stop trying to be sexy. Sure, you’re secure with your situation, you “know” your man loves you and would never cheat on you, but he’s still a man, he still has eyes, and he is still a visual creature- one who wants to be turned on by his woman. That’s not to say that you always have to be dressed to the nines and lounge around in lingerie. But you should at least make the effort to make yourself look decent, and even sexy on occasion.

PJ Salvage. pjs
hearts tank and shorts by PJ Salvage

You certainly don’t want to feel like you have to be “on” and perfect at home. Wearing cute sweats allows you to physically, and therefore emotionally let down your guard, be vulnerable, be real- which is a relationship essential. It’s just to what extreme you choose to take it.

Sweats can be very sexy! The RIGHT sweats. As can a baggy sweater. The RIGHT baggy sweater. The sexiest, comfiest, softest sweats that don’t look like you’re trying “too” hard but are a total turn on for your man? PJ Salvage. Cute, comfortable, comforting, and totally sexy. Yes, I’m personally obsessed. So stop the excuses. Put on your sweats, snuggle up on the sofa, and support your relationship… tonight.

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