How to Have a SEXY Single Valentine’s Day!

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is essentially a Hallmark holiday created for

A) love sick couples who need yet another excuse to publicly profess their undying love and devotion

B) saps

C) needy and greedy women who live for chocolates encased in heart-shaped boxes and, lest we forget, the infamous robin’s egg-blue box in which a diamond encrusted necklace nestles

D) okay, me (and maybe you too)- yes, ever since my mom made me write valentines to all 35 classmates in grade school I have been devoted to the day of love- single or happily (or even unhappily) coupled.
But, if you happen to be single, Valentine’s Day can be sore subject. It’s a day when many a single lady sit at home alone or with others of the same status and stand up against the couple’s holiday by doing what many of us do best when feeling glum- gorge. I have done it. Yes, I devoured the most delicious red velvet cake, along with two of my favorite single girlfriends and one single guy. We had a blast. Until the next morning when I woke up to find the remnants of the night before and immediately dove into a two-week detox: steamed veggies, clean proteins, unprocessed carbs, and upp’d my daily exercise.
Instead of succumbing to Hallmark’s favorite holiday, forcing red hearts down our throats, this year celebrate your singlehood in a healthy way by giving thanks to your girlfriends, and loving yourself!

Learning to celebrate the day as a single can take some practice (and possibly years of counseling- no wonder so many therapists drive a Benz!)

Here are 10 tips to survive and honestly enjoy this day of love: