Re: Your Love Life…

From loving and stupidly leaving too many “too nice” guys, to dating a billionaire who gave me everything (and even spent half a million dollars on my surprise birthday party on a chartered yacht) except respect, and a “celebrity” chef who treated me like a piece of meat despite his serious jealous streak, I have literally seen and done it all.

Many of my personal stories, heartbreaks, and serious screw-ups are in this book, introducing each section rooted in my belief that “I’ll show you mine, then you show me yours.”


Screwing The Rules: The No-Games Guide to LoveAs a dating coach with clients all over the world, I have heard stories that you wouldn’t believe. Or maybe you would. Maybe you have experienced them too. Because what’s interesting about working with women from age 16-82, super successful CEOs to barely scrapping by single moms, stunningly gorgeous to wickedly smart, almost every single woman struggles with the exact same issues when it comes to dating: Vulnerability, Voicing their Needs, and Embodying their Power Feminine. ***BUY THE BOOK NOW***

When it comes to dating, “games” are often dictated by the “rules,” which are perceived as manipulation. That’s the absolute wrong way to approach, find, and attract love. If you want to finally find your one, screw the rules and start doing the one thing that might be the scariest and hardest of all: be yourself. Get real, get raw, and reveal your vulnerability (which is actually your greatest strength when it comes to making you lovable).

“Screwing The Rules; The No-Games Guide to Love” is the new rule-breaking book that will empower you to drop your facade and finally pull in the love you deserve.


The information within is potent! I reveal the strategy that makes men fall for you- deep, hard and fast. Don’t believe me? I’ve been proposed to 9 times and I have been referred to as “The Man Whisperer”…