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  • How-To Date… Laurel and Brian's Dating Advice
  • Expert… IN BED
  • REAL Change Coaching
  • Always the Friend? 6 Ways to Avoid the Friend Zone
    Sick of being friend-zoned?
    • Are you Online Dating?: Here’s What to Say In Your Online Dating Profile ABOUT ME Section
      The “About Me” section of your online dating profile is VERY IMPORTANT.
      • Top 10 Best First Date Ideas (that aren’t dinner or drinks)
        Never go on a coffee date again.
        • 6 Steps to Get a Number At A Bar
          From confidence to conversation, eye contact to pick-up lines
          • How to Get a 1st Date
            You are ready for love (or at least lust) but you can’t seem to work up the courage or game to even say “hi.”
            • How to Get a 1st Date… Online Dating
              You never have to go on another bad first date again.
              • How to Get a 1st Date… Dating Apps
                What do you say and how do you write your profile in a way that will up your chances of getting a response on a dating app?
                • How to Get a 1st Date… Set-ups
                  Friends, neighbors, co-workers, hair stylists, matchmakers…
                  • How to Get a 1st Date… Meeting in Person
                    How do you pick up on, talk to, and create a connection with someone in the “real” world?
                    • Heartbroken? 12-Steps to Get Over Your Ex and Move On
                      Breakups can be totally debilitating. It’s time to get out form under it, over it, and move on from your ex.
                      • Guys: How to Be More Attractive to Women
                        Guys, are you ready to attract hot women who find your interesting, laugh at your jokes, AND have something to bring to the table?
  • How to Get Him To Give You Mind Blowing Oral Sex
    Attention Ladies Who Are Ready To Get Amazing Oral Sex!!!
    • How to Give Your Guy the Best Blow Job
      Attention Ladies Who Are Insecure About Your Blow Job Ability: Learn To Give Him More Oral Pleasure Than He’s Ever Had!!!
      • How To Give Your Guy The Best Hand Job
        Attention Ladies Who Want To Give A Great Hand Job, But Don’t Know How: Learn To Give Him The Best Hand Job He’s Ever Had (even better than he gives himself)!!!
        • How To Have Anal Sex
          Attention Ladies Who Are Ready To Enjoy Anal Sex!!!
          • How to Have Multiple Orgasms Every Time
            Attention Ladies Who Are Ready To Have Multiple Orgasms: Learn How To Have The Best Sex Of Your Life By Having Multiple Orgasms!!!
            • How to Have Your First Real Orgasm
              Attention Ladies Who Are Ready To Have A Real Orgasm: Learn How To Have A Mind-Blowing Orgasm (for real)!!!
              • How to Have Your First Vaginal Orgasm
                Attention Ladies Who Are Ready To Get Amazing Oral Sex!!!
                • How to Make Sure He Never Cheats On You
                  Attention Ladies Who Fear Your Man May Cheat On You: Learn How To Take Control, Make Him Even More Turned On By You, And Never Question His Fidelity Again!!!
                  • How to Talk Dirty To Your Man
                    Attention Ladies Who Want To Dramatically Improve Your Sex Life By Talking Dirty!!!
  • The Strategy to Find Love Online
    Attention Overwhelmed, Confused, Frustrated, or just Over-It Online Daters!
      In this One Hour VIDEO LESSON I’m going to reveal the Top 20 Must-Do Flirting techniques that will get you noticed…
      • Never Have a Bad 1st Date
        If you’re ready to dramatically improve your dating success, and start going out with higher quality guys who you’re attracted to both physically and emotionally, who you connect with, and seem to be on the same page as you… then this message is for you...
        • How to Have the X Appeal
          Attention Ladies who are ready to Get Noticed, Ready to feel Confident and Beautiful, Ready to be Powerfully Feminine with the ability to Magnetically Attract high quality men with your Radiance!!!
          • How to Flirt
            Attention Ladies Who Want To Flirt With Confidence: Stop Putting Up With Feeling Insecure Around Men Forever!!!
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