Here I Am… No Judgement.

It’s time to adjust your attitude and think, “Here I am.” That’s it! Here I am. If you don’t like me, that’s ok. Maybe we aren’t a fit. But I know I’m awesome. I know how much I bring to the table. I know I’m worthy and worth it.

What if, when you walk into a party, meet your date, or even enter a meeting you think “Here I am,” instead of “Here I am, what do you think?” or “Here I am, do you like me?” or “Here I am, am I good enough for you?”

Many of us have the expectation of judgment. We immediately give our power away, lowering ourselves to assume the worst. Here’s the problem, well there are many problems with this situation, but one of the biggies is that we are putting our own critical, self-judgement on others. And they can feel it. And what happens when they feel it? They believe it too. You are essentially saying, “here, let me give you these dirty, tainted glasses that I see myself through, so that you can see me how I do.”

Another problem is that as soon as you start thinking it, you’ll start acting it. Think it, act it, be it- right? Think ‘I’m not good enough,” “I’m not smart enough,” “He can do better than me…” and guess what? You’ll act that way. You’ll make your own bed and then you’ll have to sleep in it.

It’s such a simple shift, but it can change your attitude, your relationships, and your life.