Heartbroken? Get Over Him Like I Did

Stop listening. Stop watching. Start doing. Start changing.
It’s your turn.
Are you confused when it comes to dating- online, in person, and texting?
Are you ready to finally change your ways?
Are you ready to stop repeating old habits?
Are you ready to feel beautiful, powerful, and get your needs met in love and life?

Do you want to getaway, detox, reset, and recharge?
Do you want to be inspired, empowered, and pampered?

Because you deserve it and you’re worth it.

Join me for a getaway that will change your ways, your mind, and your life.

*August 28 – September 2 – HOLLYHOCK– Cortes Island, BC, Canada

*September 24 – 27 – Miraval ResortArizona

Three Day Rule. Laurel House. Miraval

Miraval. Three Day Rule. Laurel House


oh my 3 hour hike at hollyhock

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 3.44.46 PM

Hollyhock retreat xx Laurel