In a Relationship? Do THIS For A Guaranteed Amazing Valentine’s Day!

IMG_4610Do you want to know the best way to guarantee a happy valentine’s day? Do it yourself! Take control. I promise, it doesn’t take the romance out of it… and, honestly, it’s kind of sexy to tell your guy “this Valentine’s Day, I’m taking charge…” It’s exciting to plan. It’s sexy for him to hear you say. Plus you get to do exactly what you want to do. And you can buy yourself a gift too.

More than presents, Valentine’s Day is about spending high quality time together, expressing your love for one another, and showing effort. While giving a gift is great, it’s even better when folded into an experience! Surprise your honey with more than jewelry, flowers, a card, and dinner. Instead try one of these 3 experiences.



Though some of them may not be quick to admit it, guys also like to be pampered. Show your man that you want to take care of him. Prepare a bath. Fill it with bath salts or a milk bath. While he’s relaxing, bring him a glass of Laphroaig 10 Year Old Scotch Whiskey on the rocks or neat, whatever he prefers. Then join him in the tub with your own glass of something special (the rest of the bottle is his gift). You can try my favorite champagne cocktail: champagne with a concoction of maple syrup, bitters, and lemon (thank you Mark Bittman for this perfectly balanced and addictive drink!).

Once the bath is done, give him a pair of PJs from PJ Salvage and Urban Exec Socks to slip on (that’s also a gift for him), and slip on your own sexy cami and shorts from PJ Salvage.

But don’t let him have his way with you just yet (or rather… don’t have YOUR way with him just yet), go into the kitchen and warm up a restaurant quality meal (delivered) from Munchery.

NEEDS: a Bath Tub, Bath Milk, Laphroaig 10 Year Old Scotch Whiskey, Champagne, PJs

GIFT: PJs from PJ Salvage and Urban Exec Socks

ACTIVITY: Bath and Dinner



Because the actual experience is brief, the buildup is essential. It starts the day before. Give him a watch (I like Vestal’s Sophisticate watch– it’s super sexy but not too pricey) with a note, “I know your office hours is at noon, but I have been a bad girl and I need to be punished. We won’t have much time, so lets make it quick…”

When he asks you about the meaning behind the note and the watch, don’t reveal a thing. Just be coy with a, “I don’t know… I guess you will have to see…” attitude.

The next day, at noon- sharp, be at his door wearing a sexy school girl outfit. You can cover it up with a trench coat so as not to excite the neighbors too much. In your book bag, you will have a riding crop (I like the Heart Impression Crop from Hustler Hollywood), which you will remove from your bag and hand to him as you say “I’m sorry I misbehaved. I’m ready for my punishment.” Enter his room, close the door, lean over the couch or bed so that he is looking at your panties. Then look back at him and tell him that you’re ready, but he has to make it quick because you know that office hours are almost over.

NEEDS: School girl outfit, book bag, Heart Impression Crop from Hustler Hollywood, Vestal’s Sophisticatewatch

GIFT: Vestal’s Sophisticatewatch, Heart Impression Crop from Hustler Hollywood

ACTIVITY: A Quickie.



Take your time… All night long. The sexy date starts with a romantic dinner. Go somewhere special where he can indulge in his favorite food, like Mastro’s for steak. What he doesn’t know is that before you left the house, you placed a small wireless vibrator (I like the We-Vibe from inside of yourself. Once you sit at the dinner table, hand him a small box. Within the box is a remote control. He will likely look at you with question on his face. When he pushed the button, moan. He will quickly realize what type of control he has in the palm of his hands. Once dinner is over, you will likely be good and ready… and so will he. It’s the anticipation that is the star of this evening. But don’t let him get off too easily. When you arrive home, sit on the couch with a glass of his favorite beverage. For some men, that’s a decaf fancy coffee. It dictates the end of a great meal, and the beginning of the next phase of the evening. He will find a nespresso machine on the counter. That’s his Valentine’s Day gift. Serve him his coffee to cool him off a bit. Then tell him that the vibrator just isn’t sufficing anymore. You need him. Get ready for a long night of multiple orgasms.

And in the morning, make him a morning coffee that you deliver to him in bed. Then join him for some morning love.

NEEDS: We-Vibe Wireless Remote Control Vibrator, Restaurant Reservations, Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee Maker

GIFTS: Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee Maker

ACTIVITY: Dinner at a restaurant. Sleeping together