Surprising Ways to Get Over a Break Up (On KTLA Morning News)

1. Intellectualize it. Get out of your heart and into your head. Stop feeling. Start thinking. Be emotionally cold. Be clear on why it ended, then hold onto That. Not the memories and feelings. This is an important element.

2. Get a new mattress. Or at least new sheets!

3. Delete all photos from your phone. Every single one of them! The reason is that we often times scroll back into our phone during moments of weakness, or even just one looking for a specific photo. That doesn’t mean that all photos have to be gone forever. Pick five photos that you want to keep and put them on a jump drive that houses photos of your ex, then hide that jump drive.

4. Send a very strategic text telling them not to contact you anymore. You aren’t trying to be mean, just voicing your true need to move on (despite how good and comforting it feels to communicate) and protecting yourself.

5. Find a new driving path. You don’t want to be visually triggered. Stop going to the same old spots.

I explained all of it on KTLA Morning News. Watch it HERE: