Don’t “Fall” in Love. Make the Decision.

Are you afraid to fall in love?

Do you wonder why you just don’t feel love for someone you have been dating (even though they are so great and you really should feel more)?

Have you been in emotionally uneven relationships within which you or they have been in love… but it wasn’t reciprocated?

Have you been so hurt in the past that you erected un-penetrable walls and you don’t know how to pull them down?

If you want to feel love, stop waiting to fall, and instead make the decision to love.

Yeah, it’s a decision!

You don’t fall. You decide.

We build up that protective, love-blocking wall for a reason- to protect ourselves. Obviously.

The problem is that if you aren’t vulnerable, you are essentially creating a force field around you. You won’t feel their love and you won’t give them love either. When you make the decision to open up and get vulnerable, you are making the decision to feel. When you decide to feel, you decide to both give and receive love.

So what do you open up about?

Share something that hits your core. Core value stories. Don’t just share stories, share stories that matter. When you do, he will too. You are modeling your expectation of them- the depth that you want them to go to, on yourself. I call it “I’ll Show You Mine… Then You Show Me Yours.” Click THIS link to see what I mean.

If only one person shares, then only that person will fall in love.

It’s an equation for uneven relationships.

Learn how/why you have control over “Fall”ing InLove.

Ready to feel love but need a little help? Send me an email and lets start working together. Because you deserve to feel that love again. Yes, I know it feels scary. But the feeling of love is worth it.