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Do you want ME to be your Coach?

We aren’t given a handbook on how to date and how to be in healthy relationship. It’s not taught in school and, for many of us, we didn’t have healthy examples of it at home either. If you are confused as to what you’re doing wrong, why you keep attracting losers, jerks, and crazies, or why you can’t seem to get someone of quality to want to commit… then get help. If you’re looking for Love, if you’re ready for a Real Connection… then GET REAL!

We spend so much money, and more importantly we spend too much time that we can never get back in search of and dating the wrong people. We treat dating like we are playing tslot machines- they look fun and nice, maybe we will get lucky and find a good one this time. And that’s, honestly, an irresponsible way to find love. Even gamblers (the ones who actually make money off of it) hire coaches to teach them the strategies to increase their odds. Sure, some people are lucky and they don’t need any help. But you haven’t experienced that same “luck,” so it’s time to take control of the outcome, or at least to increase your odds.

Yes, a dating coach costs money, and sometimes a lot of money, but wasting your life is much more precious. The time you spend and lose, the energy you expend and waste, the weeks and years that go by with the wrong guys… you can never get that back.

You spend ridiculous amounts of money on food, shoes, makeup, clothes, your hair, your car, your etc etc etc… so that, in the end (if we are being honest) you are best set up to find what you desire most: love. But what if you spend all of that time and money only to not be in the right emotional place to be ready for or even see your love when he is right in front of your face because you’re busy with the wrong guy or saying or doing the wrong thing because you “thought you should” instead of doing and saying what truly feels right to you? Stop wasting your time and make the one investment that really matters: an investment in yourself.

Take the first step to get what you want, and do what you NEED…

Hiring a coach isn’t about admitting weakness. It’s taking responsibility. It’s making the decision to put effort into what you really want, by focusing on and addressing what you need to do to get it. Sometimes what you need is an attitude adjustment or a perspective shift. It might be about learning a strategy, establishing habits, and practicing a new approach. It could be that you need a partner/mentor/coach to keep you accountable and help you to stay on your purpose, and checking you when revert to old habits that haven’t helped you and in fact even hurt your ability to experience the success that you want. You may need help finding direction and honing your focus. You may simply need to take a step back, assess, tweak, and reset. Or maybe it’s a total overhaul that’s in order.

You need someone on your side. And that’s me.

I am your Reality Checker

Something is clearly not working. I’ll help you figure out what, why, and how to change it.

I am your Confidant

Dating can be confusing, scary, frustrating, complicated, lonely, and empty. It can also be exciting, fun, calming, empowering, and fulfilling. While you are looking for a partner in love, it’s the daily minutia, the conversations, the clothes, the presentation, the insecurities, the emotional spinning, the regrets, the questioning, the disappointment, the expectations and let downs, and the frustrations that you need a partner to help you find love.

I am your Designer

What does your body language say, your word choice, your clothes, your actions, your style say about you? You may be putting out something different than what you are trying to attract in.

I am your Cyrano

Whether it’s how to respond to a text, what in-person conversation starters are best, what message to send on a dating app, or what and how to say online in order to get offline… I will give you the words.

I am your Online Dating Strategist

Your pictures, your written profile, who to reach out to and respond to, how to continue the conversation, and how to get offline and on a date in person… It’s a strategy. I will help to manage your online dating identity, match you with daters who are better for you, and help with you incoming/outgoing communication. Because you don’t want to stay online, but you can optimize it’s ability to prequalify your dates so that you never go on a bad online date again.

I am yourHip Checker

It’s too easy to go back to bad habits, retreat to your comfort zone, and repeat what you think you “should” do. It’s hard to make change. Beyond the big reality check, you need regular tweaks that hip check you to stay on track. Because it’s often the smallest, seemingly unimportant details that can make the biggest impact when it comes to your dating and relationship success.

I am your Ego-Booster

Who are you? What are your Core Values? What do you stand for? Would you date yourself? What do you bring to the relationship table? Can you confidently say, out loud and loud- “I am a catch! I am a priority!” It’s time for you to own your worth. It’s time for you to allow yourself to be Confidently Vulnerable and Unapologetically YOU. I can help.

I am your Picker

You’ve been picking the wrong people. You search for people who satisfy what you think you want. And they consistently don’t satisfy your needs. I will help you to start picking and being attracted to the right people, the people who satisfy your wants AND your needs.

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