5 Most Common (surprising) 1st Date Mistakes… on KTLA News

Are you making some of the most common first date mistakes? I bet you’re doing at least 1 (if not all) of the following (OR WATCH IT ON KTLA MORNING NEWS):

Laurel House, Dating Coach, KTLA morning News

1. The location: Coffee.

Stop A. wasting opportunities or B. wasting your time. Going for coffee date does both. Coffee is not sexy. The environment is bright, rushed, and not conducive to real and deep conversation. You you have pre-qualified enough (which I can help you learn how to do), your first date will no longer be a “test” date and instead be something that counts.

2. Dating purpose: Chemistry.

Chemistry shows up in the brain in the same location as cocaine. It is exciting, fireworks, causes tunnel vision, fleeting, and it’s rare. Instead, your 1st date purpose should be to create a connection. Connection is deeper and based on shared experiences, feelings, and values. It is needs-based and it is lasting.

3. Sticking to safe conversation topics… is a Mistake.

Talk about your exes, dating purpose, non-starters. You want to get real, show your humanity, and focus on revealing and finding out: Where were you, Where are you, Where are you going. Why waste your time on surface, superficial, “perfect” dates? Not to mention… perfect is BORING and forgettable. If you want something real. Be REAL!

4. Women offering to pay the bill- Mistake.

It’s manipulative. Be honest with yourself: do you really want to pay half? Really? Women often view it as a red flag if he accepts half. So, ladies, don’t set him up for failure by manipulating him to say yes to your partial payment.

5. Women waiting for him to send the post date follow-up text- Mistake.

He paid. She says thank you. Period.

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