15 Dating Mistakes Single Parents Make

Dating is different when you have a child.
And so are you- your priorities, schedule, needs, and even your body are different. And while you are a parent, you are a man or a woman too

Your fantasy of forever has been busted open. You are on your own again, with a little one at your side.

You have baggage. And that’s not a bad thing. It simply is.

Some single parents re-enter the dating pool afraid, ashamed, not good enough, embarrassed, others angry and jaded, insecure, and possibly even excited! Regardless of what you’re feeling, it’s important to have an awareness of, and then not do, these 15 common single parent dating mistakes:

1. Feeling ashamed of your single parent status

2. Complaining/apologizing for your Single Parent status

3. Waiting too long to start dating

4. Rushing in to dating to fill a void

5. Hiding your Single Parent status on your online dating profile

6. Rushing in to meet the kids and getting exclusive too soon

7. Bashing your ex or competing with your ex

8. When you’re out, you’re home… in your mind.

9. Not being forthright about the reality of life. Trying to present “perfect”

10. Try to Do it ALL yourself

11. You don’t Make the time to date. Instead you try to “find” the time. When, lets be real- there is no time to “find”

12. You don’t put effort into yourself

13. Discard your parental responsibilities

14. Flaunt your life- good and bad- on social media

15. Define yourself completely and only by your Single Parent status.

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